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Fidelity Warranty Services  Deceptive – Fraud – BEWARE of this company!! RIP OFF!! DO NOT purchase warranty from FIDELITY!! Deerfield Beach Florida

This auto warranty seller is a RIP OFF!!!! I have a 2k Toyota Corolla with 52,000 miles on it. The check engine light came on so I took it to an engineer. I was then asked by the technician if I had warranty or extended guaranty coverage on the auto. Yes I did, a Platinum Coverage with the Fidelity Warranty Services, which is the highest coverage offered. So he got the phone number of this company and the contract number of the guaranty. The engineer called this RIP OFF company and followed the instructions on the telephone. He was informed that if the price of the repairs were going to be under an “x” quantity of dollars that he could go forward and fix it. So, the technician went ahead and fixed my automobile. The bill was for $225. The mechanic said the check from this company should arrive inside two weeks. I went ahead and paid the bill so I could go ahead and get my auto. The company then calls back the day following I paid for the bill saying that they would not pay for any of the the services. Therefore, I will not be refunded for the expenses. This company asserted that they wouldn’t pay for the costs because it was what they said to be a regular tune-up and they don’t cover regular tune-ups. ( Remember my automobile only has 52,000 miles on it ) The service / parts that needed to be performed / replaced were : 1. A diagnostic was done ( remember the check engine light came on ) 2. Platinum spark plugs ( not normally replaced before 100,000 miles ) 3. Spark plug coil boots ( Not part of a normal tune-up ) Four. Air filter ( I’m able to see that not being covered ) Five. Labor
After reading the guaranty contract for the platinum coverage, it states the it covers the Silver and gold coverage plans and ANY OTHER MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN except those listed in the “Exclusions from Coverage” and the “Limits of Liablility”. After reading all the varied things listed there it didn’t say anything about not covering premature mechanical breakdown of parts related to tune-ups. Hence after reading the platinum guaranty coverage ( good till 100,000 miles or 84 months from the time of purchase ), I feel this should have been covered. They wouldn’t cover anything!!! Brady Jacksonvile, NC U.S.A.

FIDELITY WARRANTY SERVICES, INC – Defective Product or Warranty for $1,664.00

Guaranty was sold to me as a Bumper to Fender – 10 years or 100,000 mile warranty. Almost all of the things it covered stopped at the 65,000 mile mark. They found loop holes not to pay on every claim that I submitted to them. The automobile was a 2006 hyundai, and the construction warranty covered me must better than the extended warranty.
Fidelity Guaranty Services is basically owned by Jim Moran and Associates, Inc of 5 hundred Jim Moran Blvd. Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Is Fidelity Warranty Services (extended auto warranties) a scam?

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I read that that FWS does not cover breakdown caused by “wear & tear” after 50,000 miles … it only covers faulty workmanship and materials.  Seems to me a warranty that doesn’t cover “wear & tear” items isn’t a warranty at all.  I’ve even heard of dealerships selling FWS warranties to people after the car passed the 50k mile mark.  It just seems if people really knew what they were buying, they’d realize these warranties aren’t much of a warranty at all.

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… In fact the whole thing smells fishy to me.

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Are people who buy these things just under the illusion that they are getting something that they’re not?

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It’s not a complete rip-off, no, but it is not a god deal. Statistically the company will make a lot of money, they will take in a lot more than they pay out.
The deck is stacked against the car owner.
Check this out, I went to my reputable local Audi dealer to buy an extended warranty for my 02 S6 in 2006. I acquired the “gold and plan” for $2285. It turns out to be from Fidelity Guaranty Services Incorporated, based in Deerfield Beach, FL. I didn’t go to the Net, but to my trusted Audi dealer. Now, I tried to make use of the guaranty and my claim is denied for a bogus reason. Get this : The lateral acceleration sensor ( yaw sensor ), which is part of the electronic stability control system, which Audi calls ESP, failed. I’m looking at a $700 part and a $1000 total fix. The Gold Plus tier parts outline in my contract claims they cover “ESC System”, among other stuff. So I believed this would be covered… Right? What is ESC anyhow. Well, ESC is the generic term recognized by the Society of Car Engineers ( SAE ) and other authorities ( info from Wikipedia and ). Google ESC and page upon page of results listing Electronic Vehicle Steadiness come up. So. It seems that in the automotive context ESC means Electronic Stability Control.
Well, Fidelity is rejecting the claim because according to them, they intended for it to mean Electronic SPARK Control, which the adjuster recounted is a particular Chrysler ignition part. Furthermore this “senior mechanical claims researcher at Fidelity” told me he never heard ESC stand for anything other than SPARK control. Also in the Gold Plus description they assert they cover the OEM radio. What does that stand for : Optional Clobber Manufacturer.. Perhaps? This inhuman business practice of changing terms to weasel out of claims is in my opinion fraud.
I’m giving my dealer a week to straighten this out with his Fidelity sales rep. After that, I could have to start action in the courts.
I just had to vent. This is deception at its worst. If they have the ability to redefine commercial standard terms to suit themselves, then my $2285 only acquired a worthless sheet of paper.
We Acquired a 2006 Dodge grand caravan in april of 2006. I was talked into a Platinum extended warranty for 100k miles or 7 years. I just took it into the agent for a covered mend only to learn that my guaranty expired on January 1 2012 just Five years and 10 months after I buy it. I’m now being told that the Seven years starts at the start of the model year of the car. Now tell me who would pay $2500 for a 7 year guarantee that only lasts Five years. My automobile wasn’t even built until March of 2005. I am told it was in the contract that they refuse to let me see. I was never told of this and am being told that they’re going to send me a sample copy of the contract. I want a copy of the signed original not a “sample” contract. If you have bought this from these scam artist, get a refund no matter how much you loose. If you read these reviews you will learn that you’re going to be money ahead because they make it hell to get anything covered and when you finally have any use for it they are going to find a reason to expire it. Further more any company that would sell this item is scamming you too. I am filing a little claims lawsuit and complaints with anyone that will listen. I hope to get my local new to also cover this story

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