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GE ZURICH WARRANTY ripoff put off claims excessive hold times rude customer reps dirty SOB’s screwed others too  Dallas Texas

This company is beyond control. I acquired an extended hardware warranty from GE-Zurich at Circuit City when I acquired my Compaq PC. Since Five / 2k I’ve had to file Three claims to replace my motherboard and / or processor as it continously fails. So many folks at this company are amateurish, it would probably take 5 pages to list every one of them.
In a nut-shell, you may spend 45 minutes ( Easily ) waiting on hold and “trouble-shooting” your P.C as needed by the guaranty. After that your “ticket” gets escalated to ANOTHER dep. to sanction the repairs on your pc. Then, if / when permitted they send a tech to your place with just one part ( god forbid something else be wrong ) and they attempt to fix it. If unsuccesful, the tech claims the problem and you Wait until they decide to permit the new part to be sent. This process hasn’t taken me less than a month to get corrected. The sole way to get a response from these folk is to file complaints. PLEASE FILE Beefs WITH THR OFFICE OF THE Solicitor GENERAL IN TX – Buyer Fraud PROTECTION, THE BBB, AND THE Fed TRADE COMMMISION. It could take some work, and a bit of time, but is it not worthwhile to have the correct action taken? To possiblty stop this from going down to another confused victim?      .

I am told:

The dealer gets a bigger rake on the Zurich warranty.
I think half the selling price is pure profit to the dealer and a HEFTY % of that goes to the salesperson.

I haven’t read of anyone on this forum being denied their Polaris warranty coverage that had their Rzr/S/ pretty much stock.

Or in other words, repairs are covered for something broken not caused by the performance mod.

Dance with who brung ya, Go Polaris warranty brother.
If it’s an expensive repair, Zurich may have a claims adjuster check out the fix first.

The aftermarket warranty companies are coming and going like baldness cures:


GE Zurich Extended Warranty FRAUD Refusal to honor warranty for office furniture Dallas Texas

This is deceptive! More than that, it’s a classic example of corporate control over consumers. I told the second rep that I would contact the BBB and he replies, as he’s typing, “OK, so you’re threatening to call the BBB…”. They considered it a threat. How classic.
Needless to say, I will _NEVER_ purchase another extened warranty from GE-Zurich. I _WILL_ contact the BBB in Dallas. And I will be calling OfficeMax’s corporate headquarters to investigate why I was pushed to purchase this warranty that serves no purpose.

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